Search generation™ - Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. The contract is between the client and Knowallmedia Ltd

2. The contract is concerning a new website, not a client's existing website. The new website is not a copy of the client's existing website although it can be branded to become a client's website.

3. The website is the property of the client. All images and copy remain the property of the client. The client is the authority on what appears or does not appear on that website.

4. The domain that the website sits on, remains the property of Knowallmedia and is hosted on a Knowallmedia server.

5. All contracts are for a minimum six months. After the initial contract expires one months notice is required to terminate the agreement. On termination of the agreement no additional sales leads will be sent to the client and all email addresses and telephone numbers will be removed.

6. Set Up fee

The set up fee is non refundable unless:

a) The new website does not exist in a useable format. Useable format is defined as a website that explains both the company and its products and is at least five pages with a home page, about page, 2 x 1 product pages and a contact page.

7. Sales Lead Cost

Sales leads are charged at a fixed price depending on average sale value. Average sale value is defined as your average invoiced amount for your service or product.

i) Paying for sales leads through commission is system that relies on trust. Knowallmedia have a large amount of historic data that allow us to calculate the amount of web traffic to generate a sales lead and the number of sales leads required to generate a sale. Should the new website generate over 25 genuine sales leads, that do not result in a payment then Knowallmedia would terminate the agreement.

8. Payment

All sales leads are invoiced at the end of a calendar month. Fixed price sales leads are counted and then multiplied by the agreed fee. Sales leads validity (if the sales lead is a genuine enquiry) is the client's decision, not Knowallmedia'. A client's decision is final.

Credit terms are 30 days. Should an invoice be not paid within 30 days then the website is removed. All cheques are made to Knowallmedia