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Search Generation is a service offered by Knowallmedia Ltd. It is a lead generation service. Leads are generated through Natural Search.

sales leads through natural searchNatural Search

Natural Search is an internet search using Google or other search engine. It is also referred to as Organic Search. Pay per click is advertising, business' pay Google for every click on a link that takes a user to their website. Natural Search has been proven to be more successful and have a greater longevity that ppc.

Total online spending in the UK is £6.69bn. The only way your company is going to be able to generate sales through the internet is by being found by potential customers. Search Generation know that our clients are not interested in link building, extended internet presences or traffic levels. They are INTERESTED in the amount of revenue that the internet can generate.

This is why Search Generation does so well. We only charge clients for sales leads that their website generates.