How does it work?

The process is simple and straight forward. WE create a specialist website for you, optimised with your keywords to generate a substantial number of business leads and sales enquiries.

Process - Client

  1. Client signs Purchase Order and contact for 6 months
  2. Client is invoiced £299.00 + vat
  3. Client gives permission to copy their website style, logo, copy
  4. The website remains the property of the client
  5. Client is in control of the website
  6. Website is defined as design style, copy, images, html pages
  7. Client pays for enquiries, provided by their website alone, no banners, no ads

Search Generation™

  1. Supply domain already with traffic
  2. Design and write a new website
  3. Keep Corporate identity and give to client to proof
  4. Research Keywords
  5. Optimise copy to represent new keywords
  6. Upload new website
  7. Build links and internet presence
  8. Forward enquiries to client only
  9. Monitor rankings
  10. Report to client

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