Who we are

Search Generation is owned by Knowallmedia Ltd (KnM)

Search Generation™ is the brain child of Charles Sykes, Creative Director of KnOWALLMEDIA. Search Generation was created as a result of market research within the 'website promotion' market.


Knowallmedia is a Natural Search Agency based in London W14. Established in 2014 Knowallmedia employs 12 full time staff and has clients like English National Opera (ENO), Percy Ingle and the World Nuclear Association and a host of lesser known companies. About Knowallmedia

Why We Launched Search Generation
With so many SEO companies offering the same service, the same promise (be top of Google) and widely different fees, KnM made the decision is 2015 to launch Search Generation.

Market Reearch
Our market research of over 300 SEO companies discovered that the market was so swamp with competition, real or otherwise, (most SEO companies own multiple websites) that instead of offering a wider degree of choice, the market was in fact stagnating due to too much choice and conflicting prices

The 300 SEO companies all promised the earth, but offer such a array of different prices, service levels and company sizes, that Knowallmedia felt that customers would find it very hard to make an objective decision.

The resulting effect to the industry is that Natural Search campaigns (being ranked highly in the Search Engines) is being put on hold and more comprehensible solutions put it place, such as Google's Adwords.

Revenues – Google reported revenues of $5.19 billion for the quarter ended March 31, 2015, representing a 42% increase over first quarter 2015 revenues of $3.66 billion more